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Thread: Yesterdays Gap

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    Yesterdays Gap !!!

    I wasn't trading yesterday ... but I noticed a large gap in the morning on many currencies on my charts ... anyone know what happended there? ... as it seems quite unusual to have such a jump during the day ...

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    Euro Rises to 2014 High as Inflation Damps ECB Bets; Yuan Drops
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    Good news from Europe, good CPI number, Greek bond yield fall below 7%

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    Hmm ... it's strange ... I have two different fx demo demo accounts for my MT4 ... on one broker I have a really large gap, which you even have very seldom on weekends ... and the other broker just shows a large candle ...

    I am really interested in any logical explanation about the reason for this "graphical difference" ... because we all make our decisions off the display from the charts we have ...

    So ... anyone has a clue here?

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    There weren’t any gaps yesterday on the currency market. Just more dynamic decline like the fast jump today. The reason behind these weird movements is the end of the month rebalancing of portfolios of big players in spot, forward and forex options markets. However I think it is not possible to have a real gap in the spot forex market during the week. The markets are so liquid that the price will move steadily even in the fastest moving markets the spread won’t widen more than 10-20 pips. Gaps are possible only on Monday open, because of the stopped trading during the weekend.

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    A difference can be the differences between the data feeds of the MT4. Every broker uses their own source and they can differ from each other. It's also possible that one broker has enough power to keep on displaying prices, while the other can't, due to less resources or data feed. After all, they do define their own prices, based on the data feed they use.

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