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    IMPORTANT- Help needed! !!!

    Hi Guys,

    First I have to say thatCommuniTraders is a very good place for every trader.

    Anyway I need help on my project ForexCopy
    The idea is to give the best possible information about social trading, pamm accounts and know how info.

    Please provide ideas:
    - Social trading platforms
    - Good social trading providers whom to invest
    - Good PAMM indexies to analyze
    _ Social Trading Know how knowledge.
    - Any other useful information that could help people.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Slim,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!
    Thank you for joining our community. I moved your post because we have specific room in the forum for website and business promotions. It is not allowed to promote your business in the other room, but only to comment on trading without any links to resources like this. However here it is possible to explain what you are doing and what is the idea of your project. Have a nice weekend and hope you will like our community!

    Best regards,
    CT Team

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