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    Winner-Options Good Experience !!!

    Hi Guys!!! I want to share with you my experience with another broker which is regulated by CySec. The broker is Winner-Option under I deposited $100 last 27 February 2014 and requested for a withdrawal of $1200 last 28 February 2014. Yesterday (03 March 2014), they have approved my withdrawal request as well as they have sent the money within 3 business days. Compared with my other broker, Winner-Option is way better. Hope they'll continue to do so.

    Winner Option Account History

    Winner-Option Withdrawal Approval

    Winner-Option Money Sent

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    Solid Member Zanadu's Avatar
    you mean within a day you made this $1200 with a deposit of $100.

    Wow its a good performace

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    I would say fantastic results will be interesting if you could share your strategy and results...

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    I have a very simple setup using 30m candlestick, FiboPiv_v3, S_R_lines, DynamicMA (setting 60 for 1hr), U_MTF_SRTrend1, CHT_Value_chart_v3.0 and RSI_multimethod (Cutler's RSI with 3 setting). I just check the exhaustion/ rejection of a candle when touching the pivot, S/R level or the close of a previous candle. It will become apparent when the 30m candle has already reached its peak in the last 15m ~ 5m. So it's very good for 'HIGH/ LOW' option or 'TOUCH/ NO TOUCH' option.

    Please see the sample below where I see trade opportunities. As of now I'm not trading because I'm still waiting for my withdrawal in Winner-Option and as promised by BellOptions, hopefully I'll receive my money from them.

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    I hope everything will be ok with you and your money will be back soon. Consider trading with on of CommuniTraders trusted brokers! I am trading with StockPair and it gives me great confidence, it is absolutely different as compared to other low level brokers in terms of customer services and fast withdrawals.

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    I am glad for your success. However, I don't understand one word of your strategy. Would you consider going into newbie detail about it?

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    thanks dan21 and deborahb. actually my style of trading is unconventional. most of the traders trade after the close of a candle but for me i trade even when the candle is still in progress. i look for candle exhaustion.

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    just received my profit from trading bins using winner-option. i requested last friday (28 february 2014) and received today (05 march 2014), ONLY 2 working days processing time.

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    how is that so.. you mean you you profited 1100$ in just a day . whoa that must be a good strategy my friend .. love it when my fellow pinoy improve in trading bins

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    Are you still trading with winner-option botsog? Do you have something new to share with us about trading with them?

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