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    Complete Newb !!!

    Hey guys, I am a complete newb to the the financial world. I have been interested in stocks for a year or two and decided binary options would be a good place to start. I am reading through the BOTS trading school currently but I could use any good reading material. Also is there a good demo site I could practice on before I eventually venture into the brokers.

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    Hi Jamaha,
    welcome to the community, I'm sure you will become great trader after putting doing all the hardwork first
    If you want to do demo trading, you can try Community trader by clicking "trade&share" located at the board above,

    I wish you great success

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    Hey, Welcome here Jamaha51! Nice to meet you here in CommuniTraders! It is my pleasure to invite you to join the binary trading discussions in our forum and to participate actively in our Demo Trading Environment. BOTS Trading School is really a great start. If you have any questions open a new thread here and ask. You will find fast and profound answers here on all the aspects of binary trading!

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    Hello jamaha,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    Great to see you on board of our binary trading vehicle. If you are searching for demo trading platform start from our CommuniTraders platform. It is integrated directely into the forum. That’s why it is easy to use and also the only platform allowing sharing a screen with your trade and comment on it in a forum thread. There are some brokers offering free demo and you can check the Binary options brokers Page and than on broker details of a particular broker (third column from the right) and than see there if they offer a free demo.

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    Welcome jamaha! Good to see you among us. We are very friendly community and our main goal is to help each other to trade better and to learn faster

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    Hi jamaha, welcome to BOTS!!! Happy trading

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    Hi J!

    Welcome here

    Take your time to learn and to get familiar with trading. It will save you money and give you a good start!

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    Thanks for the welcome! I will definitely make sure I have a good grasp on it before I start using any real money.

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