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    Hello I have a question? !!!

    Hi I really like this forum and the members on it seem to be nice so with that being said I have a question about a website. to be specific has anyone used their services they boast a high accuracy rate, and I'm really interested but a signal package costs $500!! I really would like to be sure before I spend that much. Now I know a lot of people on here are adamant about learning to trade and studying the market and whatnot but I'm not asking for an opinion, what I'm asking is if anyone has used their services and if so what your experience was. Thank you
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    Our forum is full of opinions about signal providers.

    Most of them are: don't pay for signals! It's much better to learn trading yourself. They all boast with high results, but everyone can say that.

    The big question is: why would someone sell signals if they are that good? They would make money using them, not selling them. There are also a lot of scammers active with signal selling. Some may give you a free trial and try to send you good signals to impress you. After trying, you get nothing or junk, but your money's gone.

    Paying $500 for a signal provider is too much. Spend the money as learning money to learn trading and you'll be off much better!

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    I just looked at that website. Doesn't give very much info for that much money. How did you find out the price? It is not stated on website. I agree with SeaSalt...way too much $$$.

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    Dont fall for the scam. Learn more and trade yourself

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