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    Talking Another newb dropping in! !!!

    Originally I was just looking for earning some extra spendy money on the side with my tax return. My attitude was that if I earn profit, great, if I lose it all, I wasn't gonna cry over it either.

    But after I found BOTS and started reading through the schooling articles, it kinda got me intrigued with all the science and logic behind it all, and I've always been into solving puzzles.

    While I still don't plan to risk any more money than I initially planned. Here's hoping I'm intuitive enough to learn from you experienced traders here to turn this into a possibly profitable hobby!

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    Hi Anonynonymous, welcome on board and wish good luck!!!!

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    Welcome Aboard mate!

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    Hi Anonynonymous and welcome to our binary trading community!

    That’s great you have interest in binary options trading. Well it is a kind of a puzzle, but very complicated one, needed much to learn and to know before moving forward. I am sure you will be able to make it a profitable hobby if you are persistent and willing to learn from the experience of the other traders. Good luck and keep us updated with your progress

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    Welcome to CommuniТraders Anonynonymous!

    You will surely learn a lot of new things about binary options trading and will make a significant progress if you collaborate and follow our more experienced fellows. You can check and use regularly our demo trading platform and copy trade some of the Michael’s trades, which he presents on Monday afternoon.

    This will help you a lot to understand the ideas behind discretionary trading. Also you can test some of the strategies presented on the main site.

    They are separated in different categories – beginners and advanced strategies.

    When you start to trade them or at least backtest them you will see how they really work and how to tweak them in order to improve their performance. So here is plenty of stuff for you to learn! I wish you good luck and success with your venture!

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