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    Cool introduction !!!

    hello fellow traders,

    my name is William, my user name goes by "64fxrancho"i choose that name because 64 is my birth date, fx is off course is foreign exchange, and rancho is an actual ranch that i would want to reside in when i retire.

    I am from Trinidad and Tobago. I haven't actually started trading any live acct. as yet.

    However I have being studying and doing demos for about 3 months now, and believe i am ready to start trading on a live account.

    So here I am looking at binary options.


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    HI a big welcome to you, william!!! Wish you all the best

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    So here we are a binary options forum (:

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    Welcome to CommuniTraders William!

    Wish you good luck and success with trading. If you would like to become a winner you will become, but be careful and eager to learn always new things. I hope you will enjoy our forum and will regularly participate here.

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