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    Newbie traders experience with broker Optimarkets !!!

    I have been trading with Optimarkets for approximately two months now and can only say that it has been a struggle. If you are a USA trader looking for a Broker I suggest you check out the following Threads prior to making any decision.


    I will be giving updates as I struggle to get my original deposit back and also as I attempt to collect my profits.

    Happy Trading
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    Well another day gone by with again no response to my WD request.
    Below is last e-mail response received from Finance Dept. Optimarkets:

    Finance.EN optimarket​s ([email protected])
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    To: Bob Fischer
    Picture of Finance.EN optimarkets
    Dear Mr Bob,

    We aware of the delay . As its approved you should see your funds soon. Our processing unit is having a big fault and we are working to fix this up.

    Thanking you

    On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 3:13 PM, Bob Fischer <e-mail address withheld > wrote:

    Notice my WD has been approved. When can
    I expect it to reach my bank account?

    Thanks for quick response

    I really feel I am getting the run around at this point and will need to file some complaints.
    Again form your own opinion about this Company.

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    Latest e-mail sent to Optimarkets concerning my APPROVED WITHDRAWAL.

    Approved Withdrawal‏

    Bob Fischer
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    To: [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]
    Picture of Bob Fischer

    Still no sign of my approved withdrawal in my Bank Account.

    This WD is way past time limits set by your own Company
    of 14 business days. If there is a problem please let
    me know as I will begin filing complaints at start of business
    day Friday Feb. 28, 2014.

    Robert Fischer Jr

    I am frustrated BUT in doing a much deeper investigation of Optimarkets I guess I really shouldn't be.
    I have found many complaints and as a warning to other newbies, BEWARE of AFFILIATES REVIEWS
    as they are in most cases as DISHONEST as Broker.

    Think that might be a good topic to post on.

    Happy Trading

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    Still no sign of my WD. Have decided that I am getting no where e-mailing Broker, Finance or Support so have started filing Complaints with Regulatory Agencies. Am also sending e-mail to all affiliates

    Optimarkets Review‏

    Bob Fischer
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    To: Michael Freeman
    Picture of Bob Fischer

    You give a glowing review on Optimarkets, I can only assume
    it is because you are an affiliate for them.
    My question is have YOU ever done business with them?
    I took your advise and can only say at this point they are a SCAM.
    Check out this link for real TRUE reviews.

    A former follower.
    Bob Fischer

    and anywhere I find a link or name Optimarkets. Hopefully I can keep other newbies from opening account as my experience and am finding the experiences of of many others has not been positive.

    Happy Trading

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    Mike Freeman removed the above review of his review from his forum.
    I can only assume he is only interested in his own cash flow. Too bad as I followed Mike on YouTube for some time and much of what he says seems to be valid. (just not his Optimarket review)

    As for my Withdrawal Well that's not going well. Have filed complaints with Regulatory Agencies and anywhere I can I post a negative review of Optimarkets. Send at least one email to Broker daily ex. below:

    Still No Withdrawal‏

    Bob Fischer
    2:31 PM
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    To: [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]
    Picture of Bob Fischer

    Hey guys I hope you are not waiting as long for YOUR PAYCHECK
    as I have been waiting for my APPROVED WITHDRAWAL.
    Optimarkets should be ashamed of itself.

    As usual, frustrated

    Well Happy Trading and keep the faith

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    Hei biff22, what’s going on with your withdrawal?

    I see you are explaining very detailed what is your problem with Optimarkets, but finally did you receive your money. If not – how long are you still waiting for them?

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    Thanks for the response marvel.
    No I still have not received my approved withdrawal from Optimarkets. As for your question, "how long am I waiting," can only say, "what are my choices?" I send my assigned broker, support and finance at least one email each day. I have filed complaints with several Regulatory Agencies, and also file negative reviews with any affiliate ad I run across. Sadly most of my negative reviews are either deleted by affiliate or are not approved by Moderator of affiliate sites.
    Optimarkets has now limited my 60 sec trades to trades of $250 vs my normal trades of $5 or $10. Guess because I am generating a profit I am a threat to them. (Ha Ha)

    If you or anyone else has any other suggestions would love to hear.
    Again thanks for your response and concern.

    Happy Trading

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    Hi Bob,

    You should continue to ask for your withdrwal but be prepared for a long battle. The most important thing is not what will be the outcome of this battle, but what you will do after it finish. Never trade again with unrecognizable and low reputation broker. Select the best one and stick with it.


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    Latest update on my battle with Optimarkets.
    Got my monthly run-a-round email from Finance Dept.

    Re: Still No Withdrawal!‏
    Finance.EN optimarkets
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    [Keep this message at the top of your inbox]
    To: Bob Fischer
    [email protected]
    Dear Mr Bob,

    We apologize for the delays. We are aware that this is a problem, and are working closely with our bank to fix this as quickly as possible. We realize the importance of receiving your funds quickly and appreciate all your patience.

    We know and understand your frustration. But we waiting for the third party's confirmation.

    Thanking you.

    On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 6:18 PM, Bob Fischer <[email protected]> wrote:

    Still no monies in my bank account.
    You approved the WD, now please pay.

    I continue to file bad reviews anywhere
    I can and am seeing some feedback from
    Affiliates and also traders who would have
    been your new clients.
    Hopefully I can cost you more money than
    you are costing me.

    As usual, Frustrated

    Yeah they are aware of problem all right. Well into third month now.
    Am starting to see some responses to my NEGATIVE REVIEW campaign. Again only can hope I am costing them some $$$.

    Happy Trading

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    Just a quick update on battle with Optimarkets. I finally requested that they close my account and here is latest email to Optimarkets support.

    Still having the same Turbo problem first reported on April1 1 . Still no response from support.
    I asked you to close my account April 18 and you can't even do that. I am not sure what you do to collect a pay check but would be worth ZERO $$$ if you handle the rest of your clients as you have handled me.
    I will again start posting reviews wherever and whenever I can about how BAD A Broker you are.
    As Usual, Frustrated

    I can only say again "STAY AWAY FROM THIS BROKER"
    Happy Trading

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