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    Any apps for fundamental analysis? and a question about MT5 on Macbook !!!

    Well, i guess it's time for me to write my first threat, after beeing a passive member for months. Thanks again a lot for the amazing BOTS school!
    i've been doing paper trading the past month, ending up with a 73% success rate out of 120 trades. I consider that pretty good, but still i am learning a lot. Thank you for giving me the great privilege of learning a lot from your site. Im really starting to like BO.

    Anyway i have some questions about having Metatrader 5 on Mac. I don't know how to upload other tools & indicators from different websites. For instance i tried to find and download the MACD with the two moving averages + the histogram in one window. Anyone here trading on a Mac?

    Second question is like the title. My daily life is filled up, and leaves me with a small amount of free time. That free time, is have chosen to use on trading, but it leaves me without fundamental preparation. So I'm thinking, that if i could find an app to prepare a fundamental analysis from App Store to download on my iPhone, that would definitely help with the preparation part.

    Thanks a lot and looking forward to an answer

    PS: I know my name is spelled wrong haha, fail when it comes to first impression. What an irony.

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    Hi, here is the app I use on my smartphone.

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    Hi Mr Dicipline

    Welcome to our binary forum! I hope you will feel comfortable here and will keep your discipline at the greatest possible level, while continue to learn more and more. I am sure you will enjoy your participation in our community and will give your help to make it better and more advanced!

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    Hello Mr Discipline!

    Welcome to CommuniTraders, the best place on the World Wide Web dedicated extremely end entirely on binary options trading. We are pleased to see people like you eager to learn trading basics and becoming really successful traders. I never used Metatrader 5 under Mac but there is plenty of information on the net how to do these things. For example you can check here or to see this video Achieving consistent 73% wining rate is a good start, but be careful before selecting your preferred binary options broker. Check everything few times and only than move to real trading with reasonable risk per trade. I hope we will see you regularly in our community!

    Best regards,
    CT Team

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    Kolyo, Susan and Okane thanks a lot for the Warm welcome and your help and Best of Luck to you all

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