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    Zero Hedge for news... !!!

    Hello traders,

    Still new here but I did a search and did not find mentioned anywhere. This is a site run by a bunch of economics geeks, insiders, etc. They have some of the best news and also the fastest. The post online and via Twitter. They post all day and are on top of just about any news that have a market impact.

    Along with everything else I check every day... I check them every hour... Or when the market pops for some unknown reason.


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    Hi JRAM! That is really a great resource of information and I am regularly reading articles there. It really hit hot topics most of the time with interesting news commentaries and personal views about the current global market situation.

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    I am also using from time to time this site for fresh information. It is really helpful, however I think it is very often prejudiced toward apocalyptic point of view about the world, which is not always truth However I know this site is very popular among wallstreet traders, probably that’s why they always panicked when something happened on the other side of the globe and we can profit from their foolishness


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    Yo, JRAM, it's OK if you want to start (use this one) a thread and keep us updated on the latest Zero Hedge articles, it'll be a valuable part of the forum.

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    Donetsk Region May Shift To Rubles After 1.7 Million Vote In Referendum

    Interesting point of view and a precedent if a IMF backed country goes to use ruble as a main currency. Actually have anyone opinion what will be the result of the referendum on Sunday?

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    ZeroHedge is leading provider of financial information about the global markets. However I trust more other sites like Bloomberg and SeekingAlpha for independent analysis and comentaries.

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