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    Talking Greetings! !!!

    Hello everyone, My name is Matt and I'm from Cincinnati OH. I've just started with binary options a couple weeks ago, and so far it has had a huge impact on my life. I'm completely convinced that over the long term, one can be profitable (5-10% profit) using Binary Options. My plan is to keep most of my money in a trusted broker account, and only withdraw a small percentage of profits slowly, so I can leverage more capital.

    I'm really, really enthusiastic about it. I absolutely love it, and I think it is really, really challenging. That being said, I love challenges!!

    I've been using the 1-2-3 method and 'trend is your friend' with great success, however, I've had some really big slaps in the face when reversals hit. All in all, RISK MANAGEMENT articles here have really helped me out, in much more than just trading. I really love the articles and the school, you guys rock! Hoping I can become a 'shark' like the pros some day. I've been researching and reading about it nonstop! I used to over-trade, but have learned to take much less trades and over longer time frames.

    My goal is to share my insights, to be challenged, and to challenge others (once I get to that point!) - for the sole purpose of really improving everyone's trading ability.

    Thanks again, glad to meet you all!

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    Hello Matt!!! Welcome to BOTS!!!! Wish you success in your trading.

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    Hi Matt, welcome aboard!

    I see you dived deep into our school section. Many thanks for your kind words!
    I believe this community is exactly what you're looking for. Hope you enjoy your time here(:


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    Hello Matt!
    Welcome to Bots!

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    Hello Matt,
    Good to see someone excited about this!

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