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    Smile hello everyone !!!

    hello friends, i am from perth, australia, stay at home mom, learning forex for the past 1 1/2 yrs. i lost so much in the process of learning, but still considering everything as an experience. came to know about binary 6 months before. herealso i am losing quite a lot. couple of weeks ago suddenly fell on , then only learned what an ignorant am i I read a lot in BOTS preschool and primary school. today opened an account with 24options with an investment of $250. i have been told that i will get 100% bonus after a call from accounts manager, still waiting for that bonus though.
    i am here for all your valuable suggestions and advice which i hope will guide me in my journey of binary options

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    Hi binarylearner, Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    Sometimes every trader really has hard times learning to improve his trading. That’s why some moments it is better to switch to demo trading. One great advice – try our demo platform and you will find how easy and helpful it can be. It will really help you to improve your trading style and trading strategies before pushing again on real trading. Don’t rush to trade again and when you feel you are ready keep your risk always under control that will help you to trade much much better! Wish you good luck and keep posting in CommuniTraders

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    thank you very much kolyo. i definitely do the demo trading .

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    Welcome binarylearner, hope you can pick binary options from this site. there are lots of information that will help you. Forex is not easy to master; it takes a long time and patience. I understand your situation that you lost in forex. I hv been in forex for over 2 decades and have seen many people got burnt. If you have any questions just ask and you will be answered

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