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    Hot Harami Reversal Patterns Tool for Binary Options Trading !!!

    Hi guys, Check the Michael’s article on the Harami Reversal Patterns Tool!

    It is a great and exotic trading indicator, which can greatly help you to find good trading opportunities. Check the full article and find out how it can be applied in real trading environment.

    Originally presented by Michael Hodges.

    What The Hell Is A Harami?

    It sounds a little bit like a kind of sushi, but no, it is a well respected and widely used candlestick charting pattern. If you are not familiar with candlesticks and candlestick charting you should definitely start with Bogdan’s series on candlestick basics before going any further here. So, assuming you are at least (mentally) wearing your samurai suit we can move forward. A harami is one of several generic candlestick patterns that could occur at any time. The key is where a harami forms. Harami’s are great when used a confirmation signal following a trend or at support. This signal is formed when a long black candle is followed by a small white candle. The small white candle must be completely within the body of the long black candle, including its upper and lower wicks. Advanced traders may also sub-categorize harami’s by the size of the black candle and/or the size of the small white candle.

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    Nice article. I am a big fan of Japanese candlestick formations and aim to use them much more in my regular daily trading activity. Thank you guys for presenting this article!

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    the best thing i can say about the Harami is to compare it to your other analysis before trading on it. A definition harami can appear at any random spot on a chart, depending on market action, news etc. A harami that appears at or near support/resistance/fib/pivot point/trend line/moving average is not the same as one that appears in the middle of nowhere (technically speaking) . A harami at support/resistance is strong, one that isn't isn't, capiche?

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    Not a fan of this pattern, as I always end up at wrong side lol.
    But I think for some, this is good tools to have in trading arsenal.

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    I don't use candlestick patterns yet, but I'm thinking about adding them to my system as a confirmation. There are some interesting patterns, that could give a firm confirmation to other signals.

    Still I think you can also spot these candle patterns by following a lower time frame. After all, a Candle on 1 hour can be a trend or reversal on 5 minutes. But it's much easier and faster to spot a candle pattern as to spot a trend on a lower time frame, so please give me more!

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