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    when does an option really expires? !!!

    I have some controversial expiry result at 24option lately that is making me to seek further clarification perhaps because im kind of new to the option thing. e.g an option is to expire by 9.30am and by 9.29am price is against you but the one minute candle close well in your favor by 9.30am. Are you suppose to be in or out of the money in this case?

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    can somebody with experience help me here. we are here to help ourselves

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    It strongly depends on the broker. Sometimes, a broker closes later (shouldn't be that way). Good brokers have exact expiration times, with no delays.
    I don't have experience with 24Option, so I can't help you with that.

    However, if you trade a fixed time, like 1, 2 or 5 minute trades, it depends on the exact time you opened the position, so that can also be halfway a candle.

    Remember also that your computer may show a delay, f.i. when scanning for viruses or when your computer time setting is not exact, but has a delay.

    I can suggest you to make video's of your trades, especially opening + expiration, so it will be easier to spot strange moves.

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    I think you have to check as Seasalt sugest to video capture your trades, but you have to be aware that candles are not one and the same with your times to expiration. If you enter later than the 5 min candle beginning for example – you will get your trade expired later than candle close. So it is not so obvious and if you don’t have tick data you couldn’t be sure about that.

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    You should be aware of the seconds too. If that is an options that is of shorter time period than hour or even less than fifteen minutes every second counts. But again, you have to have all the proof and if in doubt present it to your broker.

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