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    Little attention getter for a Markets World !!!

    I am a long time user of Markets World almost since day one, but for the last week or two there price manipulation has become very obvious so I though I would try a little social experiment.

    If you have an account with them this may interest you or it may not.

    Either way thanks for taking the time to read it.

    Markets World price Manipulation fix or face Charge-backs.

    I thought this might be an interesting way to send a message to Markets World, or any broker for that matter.

    Read thru it and sign if you think you might join in.

    If you happen to post on or read any other forums / website please feel free to share it there.

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    I for one think Markets World is a good place to start for beginners. They have pretty good reviews, claim to be regulated, don't offer 60 sec trades which hurts alot of newbies, have a low $20 deposit amount and min trades of $1. Which is good to get started and not risk losing too much, but get experience trading live instead of a demo ( which they also offer ) I haven't had any bad experience though so if you had I'm sorry for you.

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