Poll: How much time did it take you to pass the break even and become a profitable trader?

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    Hot How much time did it take you to pass the break even and become a profitable trader? !!!

    Share with how much time it takes to become profitable! Was that transition quick or it was very slow?

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    it was painfully slow kolyo. i thought i will never recover but after 2 to 3 years, here comes In The Money (ITM)...

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    Yes indeed patience pays off. For me it was also a very long and slow process

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    nobody can really help you about it, but only yourself! the learning process is rough and no signal service and automated bots can replace your persistence and effort. just make it simple and don't complicate things and understand the market and slowly you will reach your goal

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    Well its in statistic, more than 1 year,
    I think someone who start trading and profitable in first month or year really rare to maintain it to other years.

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    In Jack Schwager's interviews with Market Wizards you can find that it took them some five to seven years to become profitable. Sounds like a lot of time, but if you develop as a trader in that period of time it is worth it. You will then be making stable income.

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    Im not really qualified to comment as I only started live trading last week after many months in demo mode. I burned 25% of my account in the first week and finally worked my way back to even a week later. As for making a profit, too short a time to tell but i can already tell its going to take a long time as there is much to learn. Im just trying to hang in there for now. Respect for the guys who have been doing this for years and making a profit. This is not easy money, its hard work.

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    It was really a long journey and took me more than one year to pass the break even. I think with full concentration, patience and good money management it can be done in few months but not less than three.

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    For me it was exactly 6 month period from the very beginning of my trading career till I succeed to make consistently small profits every month. It is really not easy but with dedication on trading the things can be done really fast.

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    it took me 8 months to pass my break even line. Currently with small profit but not even enough to buy second hand lamborghini gallardo :-D

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