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    g'day !!!

    hi all,
    May i start off by saying thank you to the members and admin here for a great forum with plenty of info and good honest reviews. (especially all the posts on "% and risk" - it help set me up to be patient, cool and calm when laying down the trades.... cheers). I have been reading the threads here for a while now and decided to step in and say hi.

    I'm 44 and have been following forex for a few years but only traded on aussie blue chip company's until now (got some spare cash to trade). Currently i spend more time studying/learning about BO and only spend an hour or two a week laying down my trades, followed by praying for pips . I like to think I'm here for the long haul with patient steady trading, hopefully learning and getting better and better as i go. I'm definatly not in BO to get rich quick and those adds about BO do make me chuckle and sigh at the same time.

    See you guys around the forum.

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    Welcome to our forum jango_down

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