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    Dimensional Support & Reistance (DSR) Example SPX 500 April 11 2014 !!!

    I'll jump right in! For a little back ground take a peek at my introduction. Dimensional Support & Resistance is a modified drawing tool we have

    worked on and traded with for many years now. Dimensional Support & Resistance bypasses traditional horizontal support & resistance and instead

    illustrates support & resistance using vectors, angles, intersections, and channels, we then combine multiple time frames and look for Dimensional

    Support & Resistance price match ups. One important consideration to understand this is not a lagging tool, and can work in confirming signals, moving

    average based indicators put off. I'll use Friday April 11 2014 S&P 500 as an introductory example which includes a time stamped 1 min chart video that covers the last 3 hours of Friday condensed to play in about 3 minutes. My partner (hopefully wife to be) Ne' and I do a

    lot of time stamped video recording and images. We use our analysis in our own trade decision making process, we primarily Trade YM, ES, & EUR/USD.

    Renee and I understand there is a functional correlation to intra day & weekly price movement and Binary Options. Ultimately we feel our tool can

    greatly assist any class of trader including Binary Option traders in the decision and trade management process. One of our hopes in participating in

    this community is to gain feedback on the application and usefulness of DSR to a Binary Option Trader and a better working knowledge of the

    challenges you face.

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    Hi zztrader,
    your DSR drawings are interesting ... and as far as I understand it, it's an indicator you developed, right? ... so, is there a possibility to test your indicator? ... and how much would a license cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc View Post
    Hi zztrader,
    your DSR drawings are interesting ... and as far as I understand it, it's an indicator you developed, right? ... so, is there a possibility to test your indicator? ... and how much would a license cost?

    Thank You Marc! Dimensional Support and Resistance incorporates a hybrid of several drawing tool concepts and the parameters are packaged into one, then typically there is a 2 stage overlay on a combination of time frames. Every Morning we mark up the time frames and identify price level match ups above and below market. As price takes it's course and as match up levels fulfill, we access and act accordingly, entries, stops, primary and secondary targets and most important defining risk/reward, so for example today at 12:38 pm est SPX 500 traded 1833.60. On the 480 min DSR chart, price reacted to the 1833-34 DSR resistance channel, the daily and weekly identified DSR resistance at 1835.80 (the risk) with first target on weekly and daily at 1826.50 this was an acceptable RRR. I further acessed at 12:38 pm the probability of a counter move against money sitting at the 1825-1830 level was highly probable, so I initiated the ES strategy.

    If you have taken a look at my Bio you know my trading days are slowing down, I have been active in other enterprises primarily to balance the solitary trading lifestyle I have chosen, I'm interested in developing relationships with traders, exposing my work and yes possibly determining , if what I have to offer is marketable.

    I would enjoy sharing some set ups and charts. do you know the recommended dimensions of images for our threads, I can't find any guides on that. Thanks Again I look forward to additional conversations!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1563 Marc I'll try another image here is that weekly I referred to! It's really something when you get 3-4 time frame match ups on DSR levels at an exact price at exactly the same time, say for example you had a pattern trader, maybe someone just starting out, see's a ascending triangle for example, buys the breakout only to get trapped a DSR multi time frame match up level may have alerted him to the realistic possibility of this happening.

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    Dimensional Support & Resistance Demonstration SPX 500 April 15 2014 !!!

    This is a demonstration of our proprietary tool Dimensional Support & Resistance combined with Multi Time Frame Analysis. The video covers approx 6 hours of SPX 500 price action condensed down to about 7 minutes the clip speed is quite fast take the time to pause and consider how this analysis may apply to Binary Option Trading. We start with identifying significant price levels on 4 time frames, then extrapolate out those levels horizontally on a 1 min chart creating a road map that is used throughout the day to identify highly probable set ups and assist in trade management. Thanks for taking the time to evaluate the video, we would very much appreciate feedback!

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    I start to get skeptical when there are too many lines on my chart at once. Distracts from what is actually happening in prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCox View Post
    I start to get skeptical when there are too many lines on my chart at once. Distracts from what is actually happening in prices.
    no doubt, which one is important?

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    OK, how do we get to test your set up?

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    Looking really complicated for me. Probably it is some kind of scalping strategy, but especially when you have to take decisions very fast almost always complication doesn’t work. The simple the better! For the best short term traders even price action reading is enough to make their trading decisions accurately.

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    Practical Application of Dimensional Support & Resistance !!!

    Thanks guys for your feedback! I have included image links to help you visualize DSR as a viable tool in trade decision and management. In this example we have a weekly, daily and 480 min chart, on all three time frames we were able to pre identify a matching resistance level as price approached, in this case April 4 2014. The 3 time frames identified 1899.10 as a highly probable point of resistance. My experience as an intra day e-mini trader has proven to me that initiating intra day trades off combinations of significant time frames will consistently enhance my performance results. That's what works for me, certainly my way is not the only way, but lets say for example we have a trader using smaller increments of time and possibly a lagging oscillating indicator, larger time frames with Dimensional Support & Resistance applied would be very useful in weeding out false signals. Each morning we take charts just like the attached, identify the levels as primary and non primary and extrapolate them out onto a 1 min chart horizontally for ease of use. Primary match ups are colored and are defined by potential multiple time frame match up's (2 or more), non primary are not colored and may represent a DSR channel or intersection on 1 time frame. This is typically where primary direction consolidates, which is important to know especially if the trade is time sensitive and to one degree or another they all are, Do I want to be flat EOD? Am I long a 30 min call? I think if you watched the video, the massive swing up off the primary support level 1815.50 consolidated and stepped up cleanly off the non primary levels. To my understanding BO traders don't have the selection of order management tools stops, limits and so on, if this is the case optimization of entry is critical. Enjoy the images and again Thank You, I appreciate the community.

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