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    afraid girl Intro. !!!

    Hi everyone: My username is Garth and I am relatively new to trading and binary options, with about 6 months' observation and a few weeks' trading. I am retired, from the education sector. My wife, Penny and I have been married 51 years and we live in New Zealand. Binaries are a diversion for me, but not as rewarding as I would have liked, because I want to sleep at nights and most trading occurs at night. So I have a little autobot that trades for me while I am asleep but it lacks confidence and trades about twice a month! Needless to say I am not making money but I am not losing it, yet, at least not with that. I have been scammed by three sets of brokers and lost what to me was a fair sum but to them it was probably peanuts . So I have joined CommuniTraders to get wise!! Look forward to sharing with you. Thank you.
    PS: Have never used an icon previously so this might get mussed up.

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    Hi garth, you must gave patience and take things easy

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    Hi Garth, welcome aboard mate! Good to have you around.

    First- Quit those autobots, right now!!!! They ain't worth it.

    Second thing you need to master is the Asian markets, than US markets. You can trade Forex pairs all day long.

    Third - Enjoy your time around the forum. We'll help you with every step, as the road is full of bumps. Feel free to ask!

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    Hi Garth,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders! I am inviting you to join all the threads and to participate actively in our discussions about binary options trading. Listen to what Martin is telling you. If you live in New Zealand there is no need to trade European Session.

    It will be too late at night and not a time when you wish to concentrate full time on the price action. There is plenty of opportunities to trade in Asia session and especially in late US session, which have to be early morning your time. If you trade binary options you don’t need great volatility. Sometimes only one pip can give you the reward of ending your contract In the Money. I wish you to succeed but the key is really in your patience and willingness to learn. If you have any questions let us know and the traders here will help you for sure.

    Check our CommuniTraders demo platform. Trading only two times a month is not enough so better to practice on demo more than that. I don’t think you will have any success with these autobots. Not because it is impossible, but because most of them are prepared by almost absolute newbie in automated trading who want just to steal your money. You can learn how to prepare automated strategies by yourself but this will take a lot of learning, not an easy task for sure

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    Hi garth, its better to learn to trade yourself than rely on robots. I am have been in the market for 27 years and I still trade manually. Listen to Martin.

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