Poll: Gold War - Bears vs Bulls, who will win the game in 2014?

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    z dollars Gold War - Bears vs Bulls, who will win the game in 2014? !!!

    What will happen with the price of the precious metals durring this year? Share your view with us!

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    It has to go up! That's my vote, but really I don't have a lot of weight backing me up on this opinion. Gold has been frustrating me for the best week!

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    I am also bullish in mid to long term on the price of gold! It have steady support and will bounce from the bottom not latter than the summer I think!

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    NO, it doesn't. Gold prices are attractively low for those who want to buy physical metal but there is no reason to invest iin gold, short or long term. IN the short term speculation of the fed moves is pressureing the price and in the long term the interest rate outlook is also keeping the price down. On a technical basis there is no sign of a bottom as yet, I am still looking for a full retracement to last years lows and maybe lower.

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    Vote for bear, but I think if price can create lower low in Gold,
    we can have great price to invest in gold long term.
    For now its just not really appealing.

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    India has been of the biggest buyers of gold, particularly during summer. The government has put taxes on gold and this suppresses demand for the precious metal. There has to be other fundamental stimulus to break the price of the meal higher. China also has great demand for gold Political instability in Ukraine, fears in Eastern Europe could serve as catalysts too. Not sure if that happens though.

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    Gold is particularly sensitive to Non Farm payrolls reports. I guess prices will stay ranged between 1306 and 1286 up to the event. The release should give the commodity some steam to go up or down.

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    I think Gold prices will go up ,but I am still afraid of investing too much in it .

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