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    Intro to Trading Axis !!!

    Hey all,

    Just a brief into; Trading Axis is a rules based technical trading system, (you follow the rules to qualify and take a trade). Trading Axis is taught through a Multimedia E-book, ie screens shots and about 4 hours of Videos not just a bunch of text. It is then supplemented with a hour long one on one coaching session done thru Skype or Goggle Hangouts to answer or assist you with any questions you may have. Additionally anyone who purchases the book also gets access to the Trading Axis VIP forums for additional support. Trading Axis is basically a turn key Binary Options Trading system for price reversals.

    TA (Trading Axis) version 3.0 will be out in May, so anyone who picks it up before then will get grandfathered, as in May I will be switching to a monthly price plan most likely still not 100% sure there.

    On a scale of 1-10 on how hard the system is to master I would say between 4 and 6.

    Monday and Wednesdays I live stream charts and answer questions, or do educational webinars, Fridays are set aside to share and review other members charts to help other people learn from good and bad setups other members took.

    Brief Intro:

    Little longer intro

    Link to Free Sample:

    TA 2.0 Chart:

    TA 3.0 Chart:

    Before even considering buying please make sure and contact me to ask any questions you have I can be reached on Skype @ brymcafee or thru E-mail @ [email protected] or thru the contact form at I would not want you to get into something you can not or will not use.

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    Thank you for sharing with us this information Bryan!

    I hope you will continue to let us know in this thread the recent improvements and additions to your system. You are welcomed to share with us. It will be interesting to our community members if you say something about your past performance and about your future plans for improvement of the system.

    The system looks pretty advanced and you have very nice YouTube Intro, but if you want to attract more and more traders you have to share with us more about it. Nobody will believe only on nice pictures. Wish you good luck and thanks again for this Intro

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    I am interested - Is there any way to trade binary options with an expert on Metatrader directly without the need to copy paste the trades on your platform. Also can you tell us are there any advantages of using Metatrader 5 in addition to the well known Metatrader 4? I am still using Metatrader 4 for my proprietary indicators but considering switching to the newer platform.

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    Thanks Kolyo

    I did not really want to create a wall of spam about TA as I thought the 1st post was pushing it a little bit. Performance wise I would say I am mid 70% ITM with it, and that combined with proper money management is good enough for me. But more to the point if some one wants to find out about performance or for that matter any other info about trading axis I have a open door policy and welcome anyone who wants to join my skype room and come in and ask questions of the people actually using it. My performance with it it only matters to a certain point since I trade bins and spot full time for a living it would not reflect fairly upon a new trader.

    I am very open book about the whole thing, I try and be the total opposite of most systems out there by letting people ask questions of other current users, and to post screen shots of the actual system itself, basically i try not to hide anything. I do pride my self on the fact that I try and work with each trader to help them succeed.

    But if its ok ill definitely post up some sample trades or videos of trades.

    But again I always have a open door for anyone who wants to check it out there is no pressure ever to buy anything, I just don't roll that way.
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    I am a US based trader so off the top of my head the only way I know you can trade directly from MT4 to your broker without using there interface is with an API from Signal Push and I think it only works with Markets World. I may be mistaken though. There could be more out there.

    As for MT4 vs MT5, for spot trading I use only MT4. for Binary Options I ported over to MT5 as i liked the look and feel a bit more, it was a total pain in the ass actually as first I converted my indis and that actually caused MT5 to slow down a bit, so in the end I had the majority of the re-coded for MT5.

    I like the look, feel, and speed of MT5 a lot more, but I honestly do not trust it enough for Spot trading.

    Few of the things I like are the drawing tools are more robust, mini charts are now native, for smaller TF's or for chart correlation. It runs 64 bit so that is a plus for me also. After the last MT4 upgrade it adopted the MT5 file structure, that was fun huh? But if the information on the metatrader forums is correct within a year I would bet you will be able to swap indicators from MT4 to MT5 with no re-coding.

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    Well so far today been pretty slow Draghi started it off so i stayed out, this is first trade for today as i was kinda waiting for the US market to simmer down a bit, and the Core Durable Goods Orders numbers to come in. Markets have been less than ideal for reversal trading the last few weeks, sanctions IMO are really effecting Euro markets

    Very slow day today a lot of trades just ignored levels and OB OS

    2nd trade GBP/USD

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    Friday's I typically do not trade to much unless markets look nice and sexy

    Im a single dad so i typically end at 9am and relax for the day before i have to get my daughter from school, recharge the batteries I guess you could say.

    What I do do is review charts from other members live so they can ask questions and see other members trades.

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    Well cant win them all lol, good trade IMO just went south more on me, but it met all rules for entry

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