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Thread: Forex calendar

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    Forex calendar !!!

    hi guys, i have a doubt about if i can use the forex calendar along with binary options, lets see if i understood what i read in school. For example, this thursday will speak Mario Draghi, president of ECB. That is suposed to make the EUR go up, right? in that case, would be a good oportunity to choose "call" in EUR/USD at the time he speaks?

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    Hi Jesuro, you might want to read from this article

    About the news, it might be positive or negative depend on the result and we just can predict not absolutely know where price want to go in the end.
    Hope this help.

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    The link provided by hchandra is great. You can check also this one -

    When we have a major news event the only thing we know for sure in advance is that there will be significant volatility. However we can not predict in which direction it will be with very high probability. If you gain more experience you will know when some events will most probably be bullish or bearish, but it can not be said so easily in advance. The best you can do is to wait till the news is anounced, see where the market is moving and trade accordingly. It is much better than random guessing!

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    Hi, jesusoro17!

    Check the Bogdan’s Trading Forecasts! Each Monday on CommuniTraders! There you will see some examples how you can read the news expectations and what will be the effect of them on the price of the major pairs or stocks. You have to know that it is only a prediction. We can not be sure that the market reaction will be exactly this way. It is not that easy. Otherwise everyone with fast fingers will profit after the news release

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    I am using this calendar very often and it helps me to navigate during all the news during the week

    Check it and you will find not only predictions, but also historic data about each indicator, and importance: low, intermediate or high.

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    If you use MT4 adding a news indi to one chart works great too.

    Is what I use
    it goes in your MT4 indi folder, and the 2 wav's go into your sound folder, and it will then say

    "5 minutes till news" "10 Minutes till news"

    Make sure dll is marked if pulls from forex factory

    any questions hit me up

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