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    IMO How to open an account and deal with a Binary options broker. !!!

    Little video I did on how i go about dealing with brokers, the opinions in this video are all mine an not anything set in stone, but the general idea is to have paper trail when dealing with any broker.

    Hope you enjoy it and maybee take away a few things to help you deal with the brokers.

    I do cuss a few times in it but nothing to bad.

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    Thank you Bryan for these advices!

    They will save many traders’ sleepless nights when fighting with their brokers and also it is a great way to educate as much as possible newbie traders on the most important things about how to open a binary options account. I like very much the point that we need to chat with them and not talk if we want to have a paper proof of our conversations. Also it is better if we have initially confirmed all the necessary documents before we deposit and thus ensure we will be able to withdraw whenever we want.

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    These are really good advices and give us a starting point to begin trading binary options. I hope you will continue with your presentations, which will help a lot many newbie traders!

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    Thank you Brian for sharing these videos You are helping a lot with them. They are very informative and I really hope to see more of them here again!

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    These are really helpful tips. It was always my biggest problem to search for brokers that are really the best of the best. I was thinking that I found something good and than I realized that it wasn’t my perfect choice than went to other broker and other and other. It was a real miracle I found at the end BOTS with all the reviews and easily explained articles what to search and how to ask. So this information and your presentation too are invaluable way to keep away from the scammers in the industry.

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