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Thread: Hi! From India

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    Hi! From India !!!

    Hey Guys!

    My name is sagar and i am from india. I am completely new to the binary trading world and would like to learn this system.

    I made a huge mistake by joining a trading platform without no knowledge whatsoever about the system and lost around $1200. I feel like an idiot to invest money in something without knowing anything about it.

    Please let me know the best way to get started.


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    Hi sagar, welcome on board. You can start with our school section on our main site. Read and study all the information and I am sure you will gain plenty of new knowledge about BO and you can recover your losses soon. But most important thing you must be patient; do not rush.

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    Welcome Sagar to Bots community.

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    Hi Willy! Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Thank you Milos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by myconcept View Post
    Hi Willy! Thanks a lot for your help.
    You are welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to ask

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