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    Hello From Texas !!!

    I've been lurking here for a while so I guess I better introduce myself. I am Jim. I'm located almost in the center of the Great State of Texas. I tried doing forex for a while but was not doing very good with it. I quit for a while and found bo in an ad for free signals. I fell for it even though I have better judgement than that. I don't use the free signals but I opened an account and funded it. I've been using a demo account so I haven't lost too much money. But the demo account expired after 30 days and I have to deposit more money to open the demo account again. So I didn't fall for that crap. But I like this type of trading so I have read about everything on this site. I'm going to keep learning here and go find me a non expiring demo account. It's nice to meet you guys.


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    Welcome, texastrooper. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texastrooper View Post
    I'm going to keep learning here and go find me a non expiring demo account. It's nice to meet you guys.

    Thats the way to go. Non expiring demo accounts are the best way to do technical analysis, in my opinion.

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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    We are glad to see you among the most motivated binary options traders on the planet. If you are eager to learn you will make big steps toward professional trading, but it is always better to move with small and well prepared steps than to move in one rush without looking around. It will be great if you join our demo trading platform. It will never expire and also allows you to share your trades directly into the forum and thus helping you to make much better and informed trading decisions. Wish you good luck and keep trading

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    Thank you Lester. I posted about finding a demo account. I didn't know I could do it here. I will read on how to set it up and start trading. I would very much welcome any advise the senior members have.

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    Welcome here Jim

    You can really start trading here in CT. It is also the greatest binary trading community and you are welcomed to participate! I hope you will like our beta trading environment and will share some trades with us Wish you good luck and many ITM trades

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    Hi Jim,

    You will really enjoy trading here, because it is fun and always a great opportunity to find advise from the senior members. You must start to trade in demo mode as soon as possible because the trading is experience nobody can give you other way! Wish you good luck and keep posting in our community

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