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    ADX question / inofficial poll ;) !!!

    Lately I am playing around (again) building a short time (5-15) min strategy ... and to my opinion ADX could be one of the more reliable indicators here ... but here at BOTS not many of you seem to use it, or not?

    So, to all ADX-users here ... any tips on ADX usage? ... I don't mean the basic function of the indicator ... I would be more interested in your preferred settings beside standard ... or if you use a special ADX indi which is not MT4 standard ... or if you even know a better indicator showing the trend strenght ...

    Any tips and discussions about ADX are highly appreciated here!

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    I use the standard settings of 14 period. To the deafault settings is good enough. I use the trigger level of 20 instead of 25. In my point of view if ADX can penetrate above 20 the trend is clear.

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    Im not really a fan of the ADX, but I believe it becomes a better tools if more than one ADXs are used together. You could try using 14, 28 and say 54 in the same window (overlay). Maybe more than three, maybe different settings; needs testing.
    I also believe that ADX is helpful when trading trend following strategies that require you to enter on a retracement: price is in a downtrend - you wait for a move up - enter short once the move up is over and downtrend resumes. If during teh retracement, teh ADX crosses a certain level (some use 20, 25, others 30), it means teh retracement is too strong and it may turn into a reversal so it's better to wait until ADX crosses back below the level you are using.
    I dont know if it makes sense man

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    I don't use it.....

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