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    Newbie to Binary Options !!!

    Hello Everyone, My name is Bernard, and I am relatively new to this type of trading. I am seeing quite a few trading stategies out there. In this forum, could someone let me know something that really works and why it does.
    Many thanks.
    glad to be in this forum....

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    You are right that there exists many strategies but not all of them are working properly in different conditions. So it is better to learn how to adapt to the market than to find the only wining strategy, because no one strategy works all the time. Your strategy has to evolve together with the market. Best way to do this is to trade with us in CommuniTraders Demo Platform which allows sharing trades with other traders and making it much easier to find out the best way for you to trade.

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    Hello Bernard and Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    You are at the right place to start learning binary options trading. If you really want to make significant progress you have to learn a lot and most importantly you have to develop the capabilities to evaluate strategies. It is most easier if you start with some of the strategies presented on the main BOTS site and try to back test them in Metatrader history data, by visually examine the trades in the past. Than you can prepare a list with the trades and see the results.

    It is very important to select proper time frame and proper instrument. For example one strategy may work well on crude oil while not working on currencies and other totally opposite. So first of all will be to select the best instrument based on your backtesting analysis and than to forward trade in demo mode. Marvel is right that we have really great capabilities for such demo testing and you can check them too!

    Wish you good luck and continue asking questions. Here we have many aspired traders who will help you surely

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    Welcome aboard mate!

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    Hello and welcome!

    "Something that really works"

    I can tell you about something that really should work!

    That is; spending lots of time on practicing and studying charts.
    In time you will gain the necessary skills to use with your own strategy.

    Start by just trying out different strategies and going through the school here at BOTS.
    Start with easy ones, even if some of the strategies are as simple as:
    trade if the arrow goes green/red. You will still learn something for sure, from every strategy that
    you try out.

    Why does it work?
    Once you've tried out different strategies and spent many hours looking at charts, you can start putting
    the pieces together to form a strategy that works for YOU. Because you will have your own unique skills
    that you can apply to your own working trading method/strategy. It will take time but it will work in the long run.

    Good Luck!

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    Welcome on board, Bernnard. Nice to have you here on BOTS

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    Everything works. In theory. Now it's time for practice and trading. How are you doing

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