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    Average Daily Range Tool – Any Steam Left? !!!

    Hi guys,

    Check the Bogdan’s Article on Average Daily Range Tool. He explains in great details how we can use this unique indicator in our daily trading!

    The “Average Daily Range” indicator shows you the average for 1 day, five days, ten days and twenty days. The shorter the period the average is calculated, the more it can fluctuate. For example, if you will use the indicator, you will see the 1 Day number changes a lot more than the 20 Day. I like to use the medium average range which is 5 days or 10 days and I usually don’t trade on a pair that comes close to its 5 or 10 day range.

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    I think this tool is good for day traders, or to help pin point longer term entry. For day traders when the average daily range is larger then there is a better chance of a short term intraday trade to profit. For longer term traders, when the average daily range is small it means that volatility is lower on average and could be a good entry point.

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