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    sad3 What do you think guys about the Risk Management Calculator? !!!

    Hello everybody,

    I just read this: on the main page and I was wondering if any one has tried it already? It’s not yet approved by the BOTS and I am not sure if it’s safe (smart) to use. Any opinions?

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    Risk management calculator is a good tool I think and it produce us good starting point for making our own money and risk management system. However alone it is not enough to make us trade better.

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    The tool is ok sort of, the best thing to do is just a %rule like the 1% rule, 2% rule or 3% rule, this means that you would only risk 1, 2 or 3 % of your account on each trade, depending on your risk tolerance. I use the 2% rule, it works well, I can trade when I want, not worry about losses and use my strategy without unnecesarry emotional burden.

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