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    Green Room Training Binary Options for Begginers !!!

    The Green Room Academy is a private group that just re-opened its doors to the public and has grown very quickly.
    This is a private Facebook training group that cost $100.00 to join and per month ,there is no re-occurring fee. These guy are going to show its apprentices winning strategies that will get you trading like a pro!
    The founders are in beta launch right now so all affiliate commissions are 100%.
    Myself as a newbie I have turned my $100.00 investment in The Green Room and a $200.00 investment in Boss Capital and turned it in to
    a nice lump of $2000.00 in a little over 2 weeks .
    These guys are going to show you winning strategies for newbies and vets!Training starts Monday!!!

    Here is my Facebook page inbox me for more details

    Here's my Facebook link for fan page hit the like button image for larger version. 

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    Hi sourk and welcome to CommuniTraders! Your post was not in appropriate room that’s why I moved it in Introducing Businesses Room. I am recommending you to read carefully our forum rules before posting. They allow promotional posts only in this single room and only after contributing to the community with 5 valuable and non-promotional posts! I won’t delete your post but you have to know that you must make some contribution to the community otherwise your post may be deleted. If you have any question let us know!

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    Im actually be going to do a video review on green room... All i can say for now is that its odd that a group that says they are promoting how to learn to trade and having fun, put such a heavy emphasis on becoming an affiliate (its even part of the sign up process) and if you check on you tube have several videos on how to recruit people to become affiliates.

    Aside from that trying to charge your new recruits $750.00 for a 5 bollinger band /hammer inverted candle system is just insane and wrong. That is on top of the $100.00 to get in the room, and the $200.00 you have to deposit with one of your 2 affiliate brokers. 1 of which has been flagged on Forex Peace Army as a scam / bucket show for refusing to allow withdrawals.

    You all were better off marketing thru Facebook, Youtube, and MLM schemes, you will find most communities come together to protect there own from offers like these.
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    This looks like an affiliate/recruiting organization. The product happens to be binary options trading. I looked into this a little more... haven't found any transparency in its workings, but a bunch of half-illiterate "members" making silly recruiting videos. Some videos talk about "culture" and "vision", but all I saw was baseless fluff, and screenshots of "wins" and riches. I viewed one of the Youtube trading recording/sessions, and the people sound amateurish and pedestrian. They were playing 60 sec. trades claiming a consistent 90% win rate. Give me a break. Bryan, where did you see that there's an up-sell for further "systems"? If that's the case, why is it that not a single recruiter/member mentions this?

    Also, I don't like the fact that you're stuck using their affiliate brokers; that's a bad sign right there.

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    Just in case someone is still curious:
    Live Webinar: Hidden Content
    Join My Skype Group: Hidden Content

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    All in all, the room is not so green afterall.

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