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Thread: Sunday... WTF!

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    Sunday... WTF! !!!

    I am going to lose my shit!

    I just got back into trading. The Forex market opened over an hour ago and my god damn Meta Trader 4 won't connect. Every Sunday this happens. I am using a demo account from What the hell is the problem?


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    Really don't know....

    My MT4 is working without any problem, so dunno what's wrong with yours. (I use FxPro)

    Anyhow: with a tilt mood, it's better not to trade, so maybe taking a trading break until MT4 runs would be a good idea?

    You can also look if your computer is doing a virus scan or so.

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    I have no problem runing my MT4 on demo and live account. I am using

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    I think your broker cause it, and demo system often get more problems than live system, but I think you should avoid that broker.

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    You guys are talking about Trading on Sunday WTF :?

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    Hm it really looks strange to wait for broker price feeds on Sunday. Time ago OANDA provided Sunday afternoon trading but it is no longer available and I don’t think there is broker on the planet which will allow you to trade during the weekend hours.

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    What's so bad trading on Sunday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by estoyyoo2 View Post
    What's so bad trading on Sunday?
    Well, the markets are closed for example. There are no news announced. Your trade would be 50/50
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Bad days for trading are Friday and Sunday.

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