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    HELLLOO!! I am the perfect Example of a Scam System!! My name is Binary Cash Creator !!!

    So this video is a little long but is a great example of a SCAM.

    I did try and do a follow up with them thru chat but since I was not buying no response, on a side note yesterday they responded withing like 2 mins.

    What I sent them was the below:

    Hey just wanted to let you know as per our conversation yesterday giving me permission, I posted a review of you "system" on YouTube it will be live shortly.

    I truly hope you enjoy it

    I will be posting a link to it on (I listed 4 sites here but i don't wont to post links to other sites so I removed it for this post.)

    Just a few final comments:

    I must say you all take the crown for one of the most unethical web sites I have had the pleasure to review.

    Your video and site lie and misrepresent themselves several times, and you cover just about every dirty marketing trick there is out there to bait a customer in.

    So I wish you the best of luck, and I pray for your souls, and i am an Atheist so that's saying a lot about how bad i think your site is.
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    Hahahah, great one. I didnt watch the video (i can imagine what crap is depicted there) but what you wrote is just... priceless

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    Ah, teh video is actually your, Im watching it now

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    Yea the amount of BS in that video was to amazing to pass up.

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    afraid girl !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by BryanCris View Post
    Yea the amount of BS in that video was to amazing to pass up.
    Thank you Brian It was really so funny I couldn’t stop laughing on it. It looks full of BS but it is not alone. YouTube is full of scammy videos and presentations which don’t have nothing behind they are just plane BS with no meaning but with easy psychological tricks to make the newbie a ready to buy customer.

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    Lol (: Thanks for sharing mate, much appreciated!!

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    Nice presentation Hope nobody seeing this presentation will fall in the trap of the scammers anymore!

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    How could someone be so stupid and fall into this scam ? If you believe this crap you deserve to have money taken from you!!

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    This is dumb ,how can a person be mellow enough to be manipulated so easily ..

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    Heh, the simple fact that scams (like the one presented here) exist is proof that ...some guys pay *shut up and take my money*

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