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    Don't stop trading for long periods of time!! !!!

    Hi guy's, I currently run an ebay business so i have allot of time on my hands.
    Have been trading since December and was doing quite well, I place around 15 trades a day and win 10-12.

    Recently i had a 2 week holiday and when i came back the tables turned from around 10 trades i was winning only 3, i was shocked because i couldn't understand i haven't changed my strategies or indicators, in about a week i lost around 600euro.

    Then i started to retrace back my steps and found that i have lost touch sort of always in a hurry and wanted to make money fast and easy. before the holiday trading was becoming a routine and placing trades was becoming like a 6 sense lol. Now 600euro lost later and 2 weeks studying my mistakes have been worth wile and started to regain my losses.

    Did anyone experience something similar when stopped trading ?

    Sorry guys for my English not my native. thanks

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    I am experiencing a bit of the same thing, actually. I just got back online, and have missed *so* much out there the last few months, that I don't know where to begin. It's like I'm starting all over again. My best advice would be to treat your return as such- reanalyze everything, and start from Square One.

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    One needs to be persistent in anything to succeed ...I am to Binary trading , so thanks for the advice

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    Hi MaxMalta,

    I am experiencing same problems from time to time. If I trade successfully one strategy for few weeks and than take a pause I realize later that the strategy may no longer work properly. The best solution I had is to always demo test my strategy constantly and checking if it looks good. If there is some problem on the demo I stop immediately real trading and start to test and modify the strategy. I hope this would help you too!

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    It is really necessary to always check and evaluate your strategy. It can not perform well without some minor tweaks all the time. My advice is if you didn’t succeed or had time to do all these things to stop trading for a while, test on demo mode your strategy and start again only when you have signs that everything is ok. This way you will avoid many unnecessary losing trades and drawdowns.

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    Wow, 10-12 wins out of 15 sounds great!

    Are you definitely still doing what you were doing when you were winning at this rate?

    What's the sample size of that winning percentage? i.e. Were you achieving that win rate consistently over the period of a week, multiple weeks, or months?

    How certain are you that your previous win rate wasn't pure chance and that your strategy and your execution of that strategy was solid?

    I think after you came back from your holiday and your first 10 trades suddenly swung to a 30% win rate, you should have taken a step back and analysed what was going on instead of continuing with trades.

    It's a big drop which needed looking in to rather than persevering and hoping it would correct itself.

    Glad to hear you are regaining your losses and hopefully that can continue are you can get back in to profit.

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    Yes, it is really important to make a step back and stop trading for a while till you regain confidence in your strategy again and find what exactly is wrong with it.

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