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    Hi from Sydney :D !!!

    I am really new to trading and got interested after I saw a sales video for bot software called projekt95pro and I had trouble finding an independent review of the software so that's why I joined this site.
    I'd be thankful of any advice.

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    hi Scott, welcome. I'm from Sydney too and still a noob here. I only started trading BO a few months ago. There is plenty of good advice around the board which has saved me lots of $$ just by reading and following the advice. I think I read most of the threads in the below link before i spent a penny trading, the best thing i ever did. (those adds can suck you in to believe making money is easy trading BO.......> when its not!)


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    its probably a scam dont fall for it..if you want softwares to help your trading check this site...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoen123 View Post
    its probably a scam dont fall for it..if you want softwares to help your trading check this
    Really?? this one is a scam and the ones suggested on this page you've linked to are not??? on what grounds do you base that assumption? Or are you trying to promote something or someone?

    @scottherf1 - I advice you to avoid using autotraders or paid SSP's. We have plenty of signals right here on our forums and CommuniTraders platform, more than enough to get you started. Moreover, you could find strategies and tools to help you produce your own signals. and guess what???

    It's totally free.

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    Martin is right! Don’t spend money on signal providers and spend time and efforts to learn how to trade properly! In the time it will pay off tremendously if you are able alone to spot good trading opportunities and to evaluate strategies based on historical data. My personal opinion absolutely no need to waste money on SSP and other suspicious guys with unproven track record. We have free signals here and you can follow their progress in real time and discuss with us. It is much better than following blindly the next binary “guru”

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    Hi Scott! Welcome to the family Like others have said, we have tons of free reviews, advice and just about anything you need to help you get started.

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    Sometimes newbie traders accept each broker with a small problem like withdrawal delay as a scam. Sometimes even without any real problem if they lose their account because of reckless trading they claim that the broker is responsible. We can accept only claims that are supported with real proof of the broker fault, so every accusation should be taken seriously but not as sure thing. Each claim should be checked thoroughly.

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    Hey Scott

    Aphophis from Brisbane.
    Stick with the forum and learn as much as you can before taking out your CC and start trading.
    Learn as much as you can from the forum and trading school in here.
    It will answer many of the questions you have and most likely save u few $$ on the way.
    Most of the info here I found it extremely valuable and before touching that CC u need a plan/ ( mindset,money management, strategy).
    U can do all these here , without any exposure taking your time and learning the ropes first.
    Try the demo trading account here, I found it very helpful.
    And the guys in here " GOLD"
    At the end of the day U got nothing to lose, as Martin said it's freeeeeeee!!!!!!!
    Good luck.

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    Martin is correct. Dont use auto traders or signal service. Learn to trade yourself is the best choice.

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    Hi buddy! Welcome here!

    Wish you to find answers to all your questions and to improve your trading skills a lot during the time spend in CommuniTraders! It is best as Aphophis said to start demo trading here and chat and talk with all the users. This way you will learn the most. It will be easier to you to not jump immediately in real trading but to ask every single question you have till you really improve your understanding of the basics of trading. Than you will find how funny and easy it is to trade, but don’t skip the first few steps! Wish you good luck and all the $$ in the market

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