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    Hey all! My Binary Options Story !!!

    Hey BOTS - Family,

    nice to meet you. I really searched long across the web, but this is the one and only plattform I found that is REALLY honest and not intrigued by the very high affiliate comissions you can get in binary options.
    My story was the following: I never had something to do with binary options, I am really more into web design, SEO and affiliate projects. One day a friend asked me to translate an existing BO cashback site and make project in my language from the already existing content.

    I found out that he was paid up to $350 per first depositor and took the project. But I wanted to know from what I am speaking and tried it with TopOption.
    Then I tried more and more brokers and found out what a scam many of them actually are. It was ridiculous. I wanted to find out more and asked for an offer by spotoption. Once I had a meeting with them and saw how those plattforms are working I was shocked. I really did think we actually "buy" something - but it is all 100% virtual and has nothing to do with real trades. Therefore I knew then that those "We want you to succeed with us" must be lies, they dont profit if you proift, they just profit if you loose.

    After creating 3K of debts with binary options I thought its time to get to work and made that money back with affiliate comissions, but also here they started to scam, and you had to discuss for every single depositor. No fun. I went out with 0/0 no loss, no gains.

    Today I often think back of the time and thought how cool it would be to trade with an honest broker. So I am intrigued now to try it with the here advertized StockPair. As I am obviously not a guy full of luck or knowledge, my plan is to register with StockPair and place only the expert trades from intellitraders and grow slowly an extra income. I really tried a few times to find out all that technical analysis stuff, but guys - it always went down the drain. haha.

    Have a good time and read you soon here!

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    Hi Mate,

    Sorry to hear about that.. Being in this business for awhile now, I can tell you there are many more scammers out we're trying to catch. It's no secret you actually don't buy the option (physically) but simply trading on the platform, or against the house if you want. From my own experience, StockPair is truly rule model, and should be followed by other brokers. That's my 2 cents on Binary Options, you can check out my older posts to understand my complete outlook.

    Regarding this intellitraders you've mentioned.. Don't know this website. mind elaborating?

    See you around mate, glad you've joined!


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    Hi freakster,

    Welcome to CT. It is really necessary to trade smart and slowly. There is no need to fall into the gambling rush that makes you reckless. Of course binary options are “virtual” but that doesn’t mean they are not derived from the real assets. Actually options are designed to be used as a hedge against unpredicted volatile movements and only later on they become an autonomous trading instrument allowing to profit from it. So I don’t have problems with the nature of the options. If you don’t want to be scammed be careful with selecting your broker. In my view StockPair is a perfect example of genuine and good broker so I think you won’t have bad experience with it. However you should be careful with your trading plan and money management. It is always important to not risk too much of your capital per trade, but you probably know that very well

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    Thanks for the heads up! I will try my best to don't mess it up with Stockpair.
    Intellitraders is a "signal provider" though they provide only one or two stock signals until the end of the day. They have a pretty good quota. If you register with their afflink you are secured for one of their trades for $100
    I registered with a few now and always got some of the money back at least.
    I really get into this gambling mode where I cant resist, I think BO are not really for me but can't stop right now - even if loose almost all my free placed trades. I really have to stop that and concentrate on their signals. I tried to learn all this bollinger and macd stuff but everytime i try to put it to action it fails somehow, so i guess i am doing wrong.

    Have a great day.

    P.s.: One shady thing about StockPair: Their marketing strategy. As I remembered they called me to offer me a week of risk free trading, funds I lost at the end of my first 7 trading days will be refunded (in form of bonus money with a volumina of x50) . Thats shady - even more than the normal 100% bonus they offer everywhere, newbies that dont know about that volume rule will think they have nothing to loose, but will loose everything. And at the end of the day, in terms of bonus money, what will they grant max? 100% bonus Very tricky stuff over there!

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    Hi freakster and welcome to CT! That’s your choice what to do with your own money, but if you want to lose them nobody can prevent that. For me it is not the best choice to follow signal services. Yes, some of them can have nice wining periods, but in the long run very few can go above break even. I don’t like to not have control over my money and to give somebody else to do whatever he wants with them.

    My personal opinion and not only mine is that StockPair is a good company. It is not shady at all their risk free offer. Many well know forex brokers offer also such promotions and they are made to help newbie traders to feel the market without losing too much of their capital. I can recommend each newbie to start this way, because bonuses are more ephemeral and difficult to catch. One important thing to succeed in trading learn by yourself the mechanism of the markets and understand what’s the driving forces behind. This can be done only with many screen hours and practice.

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    Yes, it is true - i am very intrigued by the "kick" - but won't go into debts or anything for BO.
    LesterK, I dont say StockPair is a shady company - they offer by FAR the best plattform for trading, it is so exact and lag-free that it is a breeze and pleasure to trade with them. Though i think the whole bonus / RFD - Thing is never made to help newbies, it is made to suck you in, stop you withdrawing before your lost everything as newbie - see as it is, if you withdraw in the plus the broker looses money - therefore it is natural that they want to get you tied in. But the nifty thing with the "riskfree" week is shady, as it is definitely not risk free. You trade different and mindless if you think it is risk free. And then the surprise after you got your money refunded: You have to trade for 50x $200 at LEAST to be able to withdraw - which newbie will get this?

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    You are right freakster. Better to not take all those promotions and start with your own rules and own money management techniques. This way you will have much better chances to not lose your deposit at the very beginning of your trading career

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    Definitely. We always recommend choosing a small bonus or no bonus at all. Whatever the marketing strategy might be, that's how marketing works. In our days, it's important to be a smart client, and don't try to be right. Know the rules, and make the best of what a bonus or a risk free week. Seems to me you're smart enough to avoid trouble (:

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