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    PAIRS Trading number (RATE Number) !!!


    When trading Pairs (not with StockPair), there is a RATE number. Binary Brokers use the RATE number to calculate which PAIR is outperforming. How does this RATE number is calculated?

    Thank you.

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    I am not aware of the method it of its calculation, but in all cases it is based only on past history and past performance. This way its calculation can not predict the future outcome and this Rate number is pure guessing from the broker. This way we have the full advantages to win against the broker if our analysis is correct. My only advise is to not buy pairs options with very high score which mean very expensive.

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    For me this rate number mean nothing and I will agree with runneroption that in addition to our analysis we have to check and ensure that our price is not that expensive.

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    Thank you for the replies, but...

    With the exception to StockPair (they use %), all Binary Brokers offering Pair trading use a Rate number and is similar across the traders.

    When one is trading Gold VS Silver or Amazon VS Ebay its the number listed between the assets and if one select a trade CALL/PUT its the number used for trading the PAIR. This is not a Quote, but there is no clear description of what the number represent or how its calculated.

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