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    razz Better broker and expiry date !!!

    I am using banc de binary and saw in this strategy:
    which expiry time to choose. I do not have that much liberty and can only trade with those expiry
    -at this current time every 10 minute ( for a maximum of 40minute)
    -in few hours it will be at every 30 min ( or 15 minute depending on time)
    -long time trading is every 7 days

    do brokers like stock pair having a more flexible expiry system?

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    Due to some tests I made about Banc de Binary (and others), I wouldn't recommend short term trading with BdB. Their pricing is not accurate enough to trade short term, so I simply would forget that with them. You can find the tests in my blog here.

    I'm not sure about expiration times with all brokers, so I couldn't answer to your question specifically.

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    I'm considering to change broker with this answer, I will wait for other reply.

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    Hi George,

    I have to agree with SeaSalt that BdB is not the best choice for short term trading. It is better to select a broker with stable and very fast quotes like StockPair or PowerOption. Check their reviews on BOTS site and you will see more details about them. I have accounts with both of them and can say their trading engines are very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgesLurk View Post
    do brokers like stock pair having a more flexible expiry system?
    below is stockpair expiry times for trading currency (stocks and commodities start at 5 or 10mins)...... One thing I don't like about stock pair exp times is there is not an expire time between 1hr and "end of day". Would like to see 2 + 4 hr exp times available.


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    You guys are cool thanks

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    Thanks for that information Jango! Really great stuff!

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