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    Greetings from Dubai! !!!

    I just wanted to take the time to say hello and introduce myself. It’s great to find a community with which to share knowledge and engage in constructive discussion about Binary Trading. It seems like there is a lot of BS out there and it is challenging to sift through all the noise and hype.

    A bit about me…I work in consulting in the Middle East analyzing investment and business opportunities for clients. All in all, I recently came across this industry and have been looking into it for the last two months. Given the extremely low success rate of traders, I recognize there is a lot to learn to work towards profitable outcomes.

    I have been trading on the stock market off n on since 1995 and am quite versed in fundamental analysis. At present I need to cultivate my technical analysis skills. I have been looking at educational resources on this platform and others the last few weeks.

    I plan on moving forward with a conservative risk management methodology of trades at 2% of my capital. At present I have opened one account on 24 Options and the other on Stock Pair.

    I have to say, I have been very surprised by how many videos, ads and articles claim that Binary Options is for anyone and a quick path to riches. It is frightening to note that a large percentage of videos I have watched of traders online are extremely high risk sometimes at 25-75% of their capital in any one given trade. Yikes! It is also ironic to me that most of the screenshots of peoples trade histories seem to be extremely unrealistic at 80-90% successful trades. Part of the reason I joined this forum was to virtually meet real traders to gauge the authentic range of people’s experience.

    Looking forward to engaging in community dialog about Binary Options…

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    Hello Sinbad and welcome to our community!

    Great to see an experienced investor here

    Actually you are very right about all the things you said. Unfortunately all the advertisements around the net are way too optimistic and way too oversimplified. The real binary options trading is much more complex much more time demanding and need a lot of experience, that’s true, but after you gain that experience the trading become almost effortless and very easy. Best traders combine fundamental with technical analysis. So if you are familiar with fundamental part of the game it will be a lot easier for you to trade binary options. You just need to tweak a good technical strategy, to test it in demo mode and when becoming confident to trade it when you see no significant fundamentals are ahead. For me it was not very straightforward path but after about half a year I became profitable and that was a fantastic result.

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    Welcome to CommuniTraders Simbad! Wish you success in trading and great time with us. It will be our pleasure to see you here and will appreciate your comments and participation

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    Welcome sinbad,hope we can share our knowledge and combine them to improve ourselves

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    Hi Mate, Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    Keep us updated on your progress, and if you've anything to ask - don't hesitate!

    Trade Smart!

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