Poll: How did I find that binary options exist?

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    ok icon How did you find that binary options exist? !!!

    Share with us what was your first touch with binary options!

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    Veteran Member Dan21's Avatar
    From a simple google search few years ago

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    Senior Member dorrian's Avatar
    I hear for them from a good friend of mine, who introduced me to the world of binary options trading. It was fascinating how interesting and appealing to me it become from the very beginning

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    My girlfriend wanted me to make more money and she heard about BO from a friend, whose husband could afford buying her expensive stuff and taking her to nice places. Turns out it's not as easy as it seems to be especially at the beginning, but at this point I'm becoming pretty good at it. I even rewarded my girlfriend with a trip to France for turning me into trading

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    Senior Member dorrian's Avatar
    My grandma told me about it. I know it sounds weird, but she is an amazing trader especialy for her age - 70 years old

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    Senior Member grindtime's Avatar
    Your grandma is a trader. Awesome! Granny put you in the game. Thats awesome.

    I stumbled across it as an affiliate program at first.

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    Veteran Member Ammeo's Avatar
    Actually it was a broker advert that first introduced me to BO.

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    Veteran Member Dan21's Avatar
    I was incredibly sad and my psychiatrist once said that winning money trading cheered him up. It actually worked When loosing I used to forget my current other problems. When winning I was happy

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    when i was trying to search for additional income while working at home, i found stock pair.

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    I guess you should go with Google search. That is the best option available.

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