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    Hi everyone !!!

    Hey guys,

    After trolling around for over a week it is great to finally post here! Unfortunately, I am a total newb in binary trading though ive been trying to rapidly devour any information i find; and this website is the best source of it by far. Right now, I am going through pre school part of the website and making trades on the demo platform to get a feel for it.

    Already got several questions though, plz feel free to point me out to proper tutorial post (i did try and look but this website is vast!):

    1) I stumbled upon a list of strategies one of which was Fibonacci and i cant seem to find that article again (i found Fibonacci post by itself but i wanted to find a whole list).

    2) When following a short term trade signal tip lets say that I missed the exact time it was posted and instead read it 15 minutes late, what type of adjustments do i need to make? I am assuming that if tip was to buy/call and the price went up it makes it a lot more dangerous to follow the tip. So wait for it to go down to the level it was during the original signal time? Also, does the expiry time would have to be shorter ?

    3) For end of the day tips, which market closing time does the trader usually refer to?

    I am hoping to get out of the newbie stage as soon as possible and start contributing but until please bear with me lol. Thanks a lot in advance for any replies guys!

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    Hi alminister and welcome to CommuniTraders Forum!

    That’s really great that you started to learn from the preschool and to make demo trades. This is the best way to move forward. I will try to answer to your questions in a quick way here:

    On your first question I am not sure which is exactly the thread you were searching, but there are many ways to find the strategy that you are interested. You can check the Strategy and Systems Room here and also ot use our powerful search engine (field on the upper right corner) and place there ‘Fibonacci Strategy’. Also you can check on the main BOTS site map for your strategy here

    On your second question if you are following some tips or signals it is the best to follow them exactly on the moments they are generated. If you can not open the trade immediately opens it only if the price is better or the same with the initial setup. If it is worse don’t take it. Following short term signals is very tricky, better to try some with daily or even better weekly expiration. You can check the thread of our expert Michael who regularly every Monday afternoon presents his weekly trading tips - . They are real treasure for newbie traders for learning.

    For end of the day tips it mean end of the trading session, depending on the particular market. Forex is open full working week. So end of the day mean 24:00 for US market it is a bit earlier but it is not something you need to check manually and worry about. You can quickly move from beginners to advanced level but you need many hours demo experience and learning and not only to follow tips but to develop your own strategy too.

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    Hi Alm, welcome!

    I think Kolyo said it all, so just wishing you good trades!

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