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    A few questions about strategies !!!

    What kind of Binary options strategies work best for you?

    Which strategy is has the highest risk?

    Do you prefer to learn the strategies from your broker or to learn from third parties ?

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    Hi moneytrader.
    Allow me to make one thing clear first: It's not the strategy itself that makes a trader profitable, it's their personal skills that
    they've acquired over time. This is why a strategy that is claimed to be highly profitable by one trader might not be profitable for another trader.

    However, in general, a good trader takes the movement of the price in consideration, no matter the strategy.
    By this I mean, price action and trends. I strongly believe that removing these two "tools" from your analysis will in the long run
    result in failure. In addition you can use the indicators of choice, the ones you are most comfortable with and understand.

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    learn trading on your own, read Martin Pring's "technical analysis explained", then come back and start trading on CT.

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    Like okane said it depends on the trader, was also looking for a strategy on here for a longtime but couldnt find any that suits my style of trading because i dont use indicators in my trading, until i came across something that work with my own style of trading and gave me a good ITM results, its basically a price action strategy and its result its been so awesome and that has really helped me improve my binary options trading.

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