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    How do you know the best expiry time to select after analysing a chart? !!!

    I'm guessing it might be relative to the time period of the chart data you are looking at, i.e. if I'm analysing 5 minute charts and a good signal shows up, would I aim for a 15 minute expiry, a 30 minute, 60 minutes...?

    What if I'm analysing 1 minute charts, 30 minute charts or 60 minute charts?

    What's the best strategy to apply here and what do you do yourself and why?

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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    Im actually publishing an article about how to choose trading expiry. Will update as soon as it's live!

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    There you go -

    Thanks to Michael!

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    Thanks. Nice article.

    There really is such a fine line between winning and losing trades, and like the article suggests it can be very frustrating to fall on the wrong side of that line. I guess it's part and parcel of trading.

    Just now I was literally 2 seconds away from my entry rate falling OTM. Lucky...but I've had things go the other way in the past, so perhaps these type of things balance themselves out. I have an affirmation that I'm a lucky person though, so I plan to stay lucky more times than not!

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    Haha Luck is important thing and sometimes it surprises us with success but sometimes it is against us. Better to not rely purely on luck but to develop some advantage in our hands.

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    Choosing the right expiry is always a difficult question and it mostly depends on the strategy you are using. There are strategies working on different time frames, but there are also strategies working only on particular time period and not in all others. So you need to test and test till you find which time frame is suitable for you. There is no single answer to that question, only very short term trades below let say 15 minutes are more suitable for gamblers than for traders.

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    I agree. It's like asking which is the best indicator or trading system, and the answer for both of them is that it doesn't exist; there's no best "anything" in this biz. As the guy above me pointed out, when you choose such a low time frame for expiry it's pretty much gambling - there's so much noise on those levels that you can't deduct any reasonable analysis, you just can't have an edge, and that's what a lot of things come down to. I'd advise you to stick to higher time frames, you'll be better off.

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    I agree about the longer time frames. I’ve noticed that my best trades last for about minimum of 30 minutes.

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    My best trades are between 6-23 minutes (because of the lower payout for 2-5m, else they would be even better).

    It's all depending on your strategy (and broker).
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeasaltMcFish View Post
    My best trades are between 6-23 minutes (because of the lower payout for 2-5m, else they would be even better).

    It's all depending on your strategy (and broker).
    I honestly envy you guys who can successfully trade these expire times through chart analysis. I'm still learning, its been very hard as i have no previous MT4 experience. Even after going thru BOTS school I struggle to get my head around the chart analysis objective.
    I found my niche on the longer trades from 1 day up to 2weeks (even a month), before this i was about 55% ITM for the shorter expire times. Now my new strategy has me about 80% ITM constant for the last 5 weeks now. I know this might change at any time as market stability/predictability changes for the longer trade times, but for now I'll stick with it.

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