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    dark I am new from Sydney :razz: !!!

    I saw the following sales video narrated by a broker (Richard) who is talking about a Binary Option bot software he says he created and called p95pro. Richard says he worked in the stock exchange in Frankfurt and London. He sounds very knowledgable on the the subject of options and trading. He also claims his p95pro software has an accuracy of 91.32% the point of interest is this:

    In the video at 13:38 - he claims "The broker is controlled by financial authorities like the BAFIN or Sysec and is obligated to impose limits on the client. That means that as an client (a private investor) I can bet only a maximum of 2000 euros on an option."

    Are these limits legitimate, I've never heard of this before?
    Does anyone have any real world experience with this software?

    Here is a youtube link to the actual video:

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    Hi Scottherf!

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    I will firstly say that no matter how knowledgeable and experienced a binary trader “guru” or signal provider looks, it will always be possible that it is just an experienced sales man with a scam system that won’t work at all. So be cautious every time you watch a well prepared promotional video or website selling a system or signal service.

    On your question about the limits of trading position size - Yes, there are such limits and they are legit. Most brokers have limits in the range of 2000 USD or Euro, some have limits of $10k but limits almost always exist. And it is a preventive step, which most of the regulated brokers have. That don’t limit your trade volume just limit the size of a single trading operation. If you want to make bigger bet size, you can place several small options one after another and this will be almost the same for you as placing a single big trade.

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    Thank god for those restrictions. As long as you're trading with bots or other automated systems, better to have a maximum position size. My recommendation - stay away from those bots. 90% success rate! Comeon, this guy should be too rich to be making those videos by now.

    better to learn trading than trust bots. Now seriously, regarding the position size - 1. I'm not sure the max is the same for every broker and I'm not sure about those cysec regulations. Ask the broker to send you the papers. 2. You can open multiple position

    welcome to our forums, your place to start taking trading more seriously (:

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    Hi scottherf1, its better to learn trading yourself and you will be better than this guy, Richard in no time.

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