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    How to do fundamental analysis in effective way !!!

    Hi there

    I see there are lots of events that affects currencies, stocks, indicies.

    How to do fundamental analysis in effective and trade on news? I see in economic calendars
    on, but should I use the logic that how most often
    it was affected in a past it will be affected on the same way, if for example we see unemploiment claims in USA
    it always affects USD, so how to react and start thinking profitable on news?


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    Simple, you don't trade news events, the reason being most Bo brokers platforms aren't able to process the orders quick enough and the result is your strike price isn't what you want.

    Bo platforms are designed to make sure there is a equilibrium between puts and calls, and when news events occur the broker wants to make sure you will be OTM, that's when they get a lot of action from rookie traders and bo brokers lick there lips on news events

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