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Thread: Optionbit Offer

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    Optionbit Offer !!!

    I received a email from Optionbit offering me the below :


    I hope all is well with you, Here's something exciting I would like to offer you.
    On investment of $1000 you will receive 100% bonus.
    Once you got the bonus we will open one trade together worth $1000.
    The trade will end up with a profit and you will receive 180% return, depends on which asset we will open a trade and what is the available payout at the moment.
    The trade will be completely under my responsibility, if for some reason the trade goes for a loss, you will receive complete refund as a cash amount and not as a bonus.
    These arrangements are only for a VIP traders with the investment above $10k.
    However, with the deposit of just $1000 I will show you one real demo on how it works.


    Can i believe the offer?

    Please give me your opinion.

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    Master Member SeasaltMcFish's Avatar
    I do hope you will get a more clear information, because this isn't to me.

    Be sure to check all bonus conditions!

    Also don't forget you need a 10k account for this bonus of 100% over $1000, with what you have to trade with for a payout of max. 180%. If you lose, you get your $1000 back without bonus conditions, but if you win, you'll get 180% but will you now be stuck to bonus conditions? Better check this!

    Personally, I like creative bonus deals, but you should really dig in to it and get everything very clear before accepting it.

    I don't like shady conditions, so beware of the dog in the dark!

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    Hello, you have to carefully read and understand the terms & conditions of this bonus!
    100% bonus can mean that you need to generate a volume of somewhere between 30 000 and 50 000 before you get to
    withdraw any profits. Not an easy task for a beginner unless you already have a big deposit 10K+.
    But if you do, then why would you need a bonus...

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