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    Which brokers offer prices close to market prices? !!!

    I am new to BO. But sometimes I found that the price they offer are not close to market prices and sometimes the deviation is very large, especially when market up or down vigorously in one direction.

    I want to know brokers who are stick to market prices. Also, which brokers are not stick to real time prices?

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    eureka !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Kay View Post
    Many thanks. I didn't realize this thread, my mistake!
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    No Problem mate, did it help you?

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    This thread is really very good starting point for testing binary options broker price consistency. You can see there that good BO Brokers have only small deviations of 1-2 pips which last for no more than 1-2 seconds and this is normal, but if you have long lasting deviations of several pips that is not ok.

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