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    Hi everyone! I'm newbie !!!

    Greetings to all members of forum. Glad to be the part of community. I am completely new in trading and everything is very diffucult for me. But I hope that here I will find answers and soon become a successful trader.

    Thank you and good luck!

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    Welcome aboard! Hope our forums and school would make it easier on you (:

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    Welcome mate!

    You will see that with practicing it become easier and easier, just need patience and a lot of learning before you will be ready for real trading. It will be best to start demo trading with our great CT platform and share your trades here with explanation on how you get them and which are the conditions you are waiting to enter into any particular position. You can find very helpful the trading tips from Michael presented here every Monday and to follow the most important economic events presented by Bogdan also on Monday. If you have any questions let us know

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    So, I need to train on demo account?
    And what about analytics. What should I start with - Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phaynes1985 View Post
    So, I need to train on demo account?
    And what about analytics. What should I start with - Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis?
    Training on a demo account is always good. As for your question about where to start... Technical or Fundamental... well School section first. Those are like two different planets (they get mixed, that's why choosing one over the other is not the right move for newbies). We've lots of technical analysis tools and articles explaining those, so start there, don't forget your fundamentals!

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    Both technical analysis and fundamentals are important. You have to learn and master both aspects of the trading art. It’s up to you what you will start with but in order to trade successfully you will have to improve your technical based strategy but also to know what is happening in the world and how the economic news are affecting the prices.

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    Thanks for help

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    Hi phaynes1985, welcome to BOTS. Martin is right; start with our school section and gradually progress. Don't rush and be patience is the key to success!!!!
    We are always here to help.

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    Hello there. Wellcome to BOTS. I'm sure that soon you'll feel a lot more confident as you upgrade in your trading strategies very fast by reading and learning from here.

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