Hey everyone! I've found my way to this site after sloughing through countless SEO crap when looking into binary options. I'm completely green in the world of trading and working my way through the BOTS school, and really enjoying it, huge thanks to all the guys that made that possible!!

After a little bit of research into what binary options were I signed up for an account with Opteck and submitted an email requesting a demo account on a 300$ deposit. An account manager called me within the day and after a few hours on the phone he convinced me to deposit 1000$ to get a "silver" account. This would include signals and advice from a broker which seemed like a smart choice to go with as i have no experience.

My research into the company seemed to be almost all positive at first until i realized that 99% of the reviews i had found were spam articles on bogus sites. When i did find a few real reviews people seemed to have alot of negative things to say so I somewhat panicked and began the process to withdraw my money believing i may have been scammed. So far I'm waiting on the withdraw process, and hoping all goes well. I wish i would have found BOTS before I made this deposit! I'm a little comforted to see that Opteck actually ranks within the 2nd page of the BOTS binary traders so I feel alot better believing that this company isnt a scam.

Moving forward I'm now going to be delving alot more time here and researching which broker I will begin to trade with. I'm excited to learn more from everyone and so far BOTS has been a huge help to me. Look forward to getting to know you all!