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    Super Options !!!

    Does anyone have anything to say about this broker? I've only read 1 review on them and it was good. They have a low deposit min of only $50 and $10 trade min , with $5 on short term. But I don't know much about them.

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    Junior Member NerdRN's Avatar
    Bump as I just found them and like their interface and minimums..

    anyone have any experience with them?

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    Rookie Member antares636111's Avatar
    The interface is nice for new traders. However, they don't pay. I found that out after chasing them for a month. Try calling them on the phone. Caveat Emptor. They'll give you a serious runaround when you make good trades and try to withdraw funds. It sucks not to get paid when you have raised your account to four digits with your own trades. Good luck.

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    That sucks, for real.... its too bad there are still crappy brokers out there.

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