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    emotx Can Sports Improve our Trading Performance? !!!

    Today I had a rather pleasant trading realization. Itís been almost 2 Ĺ weeks since I started a fitness program in order to get fit and be able to run marathons with my pig of a boyfriend. He is unemployed at the moment and as I am still studying itís been real hard for us to pay our expenses since the only income that we have right now comes from my trading skills. What I came to realize was that sport really helps me improve my trading strategies. I donít know if itís due to the complete mind relaxation or the confidence that comes from working out but every time I do a huge running distance or bust my ass off sweating with the workout DVDs, I make a lot of money on trading. May be itís the oxygen pumping trough my brain cells while jumping and sprinting but I tend to think lot clearer and even though I have been taking bigger risks trading, they were all smart and they paid off quite well. Has anyone else experienced such a connection between doing active sports and winning more money trading?

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    My opinion is that sports can greatly improve your trading results if properly done. I am trading aikido for 2 times a week and it boost my trading greatly. Especially the psychological context.

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    I dont go a day without either exercise or mediation, clears the mind and helps you sleep better and of course trading

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    Healthy soul lives in a healthy body. Sport could improve every aspect of your life. I run 4 times a week, play football on Saturday and just recently started cross-feet training. Say yes for sports!

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    Any kind of exercise is always good not in trading terms bt for any activity. So yes Sports can improve. If one cant do sports he/she should do general exercise ..

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    Sports make you more concentrated, relaxed and happy with yourself. Those things are very important for trading.

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    anything that improves focus, concentration, self confidence, body health, mind health and general well being is a boon to traders......

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    Sports definitely helps me relax with my trading

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    After reading all the comments I am starting to convince myself that I should start running again. It might actually help me improve my trading hours efficiency.

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    Sport as workout on the gym (in the summer street workout), or weekly volleyball trainings, help me to fight with stress. I was very timid boy when I was younger (I was afraid of my own shadow), now is better and better. Sport gives me motivation and made my life more enjoyable. It gives me a sense that hard work and implementation in life new knowledge can make miracles in every area of our lives. Sport can clear your mind. While I'm doing exercise on the gym, or jumping to bounce the ball on volleyball pitch, I don't think about unnecessary things, in this little moment my mind is as clear as it never been before. Just doing what it should do, not analysing, not thinking. Great feeling

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